Focus Shipping Agencies, offers comprehensive solutions in Ocean Freight, Transportation, Customs Brokerage, Projects, and Distribution to its customers in Textile, Fashion Apparels, Sports Goods, Surgical, Engineering, Telecommunications and Special Projects as well as cars from USA, Europe, Thailand, Middle East, UK & JAPAN.

What Are The “Fastest Freight Services”?

Fastest freight services are variety of services for which speedy delivery is a high priority. Choosing timely delivery over cost savings, when you ask for a free freight rate quote, you are given multiple carrier options that include the cost of moving the freight as well as the estimated time the freight will be in transit. There could be quite a difference in cost between a two-day haul and a six-day haul. If you need fast freight, paying that difference might be worthwhile.

How to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Freight Shipment?

We enable you to compare multiple carriers’ rates and expected transit times in a matter of seconds. Then, you choose which carrier you want to handle your shipment. Focus Shipping Agencies take care of the rest. Your first step is to get a freight shipping quote.

When will I receive my Bill of Lading?

The Bill of Lading by the name of Fastest Freight Services will be issued, on behalf of Focus Shipping Agencies, after the vessel’s departure from the origin load port subject to all charges being received.